Super economy home made Orange Juice Cooking Guide

Recipe guide how to make Super economy home made Orange Juice by Alexander


  1. 2 oranges

  2. 4 litres drink water

  3. 15 grams lemon acid

  4. 500 grams sugar


  1. Taking 2 oranges and pour over them boiled water to take bitter from fruits. Just pour, no need to left them in water.

  2. Clean them dry, put in some vacuum packet and after to freezer on whole night.

  3. Let them ice off to room temperature. Then cut to wedges, so meat cutter or blender able to chop it easily. Mass must be without any small pieces.

  4. To chopped mass pour 2 liters of drink water. Let it brew for 20 minutes and get ready empty 4-5 liters second pot.

  5. Whole mass strain through a colander, So the bigger parts filtered. Squeeze with spoon what’s left in colander. Then strain through cheesecloth, folded in several layers, so no orange parts left in our pot.

  6. Add lemon acid and sugar to our juice and mix it good, so no sugar left. Then add other 2 liters of drink water. Pour it to big bottle of smaller bottles and give it brew time for hour. Juice ready!

Recipe by Alexander

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