Mike's Adult Summertime 5 Calorie Lemon-Lime-aide Cooking Guide

Recipe guide how to make Mike's Adult Summertime 5 Calorie Lemon-Lime-aide by MMOBRIEN


1 serving

  1. ● For The Drinks

  2. 1 Shot Absolute Citron Vodka [has 0 sugar with a citrus taste]

  3. 1 tsp Real Lemon Juice

  4. 1 Can Minute Maid Light Lemonade [use half or less]

  5. as needed Small Lime Or Lemon Quarters

  6. ● For The Garnishments [optional]

  7. as needed Cracked Sea Or Table Salt [to rim glasses]

  8. as needed Granulated Sugar

  9. as needed Lemon Wedges

  10. as needed Lime Wedges

  11. as needed Sliced Cucumbers

  12. as needed Fresh Dill Sprigs

  13. as needed Colorful Cocktail Stir Sticks


  1. One of the best brands out there!

  2. Two of the best brands out there!

  3. If desired, rim your glass with a lime or lemon wedge and dip into crushed sea or kosher salt on a plate. You can even use fleur de sel for a more delicate taste. Granulated sugar even works well with this drink. Allow salt or sugar to slightly dry and become solid before serving.

  4. Since everybody knows lemon and dill go together like defenseless women and railroad tracks – consider garnishing your drinks with a fresh fluffy dill sprig.

  5. Squeeze a small lime quarter in your drink and enjoy her poolside! Sláinte lassies!

  6. If interested – try my Mike’s Ø Carb Ø Cal O’Brien Bomber under my recipes. She’s delicious!

Recipe by MMOBRIEN

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