MHTD (my home to dishes): something in a mug Cooking Guide

Recipe guide how to make MHTD (my home to dishes): something in a mug by Bmoorefood?


  1. Your hot beverage to put in a mug


  1. 1. Think of your favorite warm beverage (coffee, tea, etc…)

  2. 2. In the comments or cooksnaps, tell me about it! (The name of it, maybe something that’s in it, and why you like it!)

  3. Remember to keep the topic kind and pleasant!

  4. Thanks!

  5. Notes: if you have any questions about cooking or MHTD, please tell me in the comments! I will view it in a 24 hour time period and respond! (It May only take a few minutes)

Recipe by Bmoorefood?

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