Green Moss Steamed Cake (Kek Lumut) Cooking Guide

Recipe guide how to make Green Moss Steamed Cake (Kek Lumut) by Pinkblanket's Tiny Kitchen


  1. 450 g butter

  2. 3/4 C castor sugar

  3. 10 large eggs

  4. 1 C condensed milk

  5. 2 tsp essence vanilla

  6. 2 C Nestum Cereal (grounded)

  7. 1 tbsp pandan paste (optional)

  8. 1 C almond meal

  9. 1 C Horlicks (malted milk drink powder)

  10. 1 C flour/superfine flour

  11. Green food colouring


  1. Get all ingredients ready. Below is a picture of Nestum cereal that you can get from asian grocery. As for horlick, i get malted milk drink powder from Coles. Tips: 1. All ingredients must be at room temperature. 2. All dry ingredients are whisked/mixed in one mixing bowl before mixing it with wet batter. 3. Get big steamer ready.

  2. Cream till fluffy – butter and castor sugar.

  3. Add eggs one by one. Beat batter well. Then add condensed milk and vanilla essence or extract. Beat till well combined.

  4. Next, sift the flour and whisk dry with other dry ingredients. Add this dry mixture to the batter in three parts. Mix well.

  5. Add some green colouring to the batter. Pour batter into a lightly greased baking tray (i used square 8 × 8 baking tray).

  6. Wrap your baking tray with aluminum foil to prevent water condensation drops onto the cake.

  7. Alternatively, you can wrap a tea towel on the cover of the/lid of the steamer before steaming.

  8. Steam for 4 hours or at least 3 hours. Get ready a big steamer that can at least steam for more than an hour without having to refill the steamer. If you need to refill the water in the steamer, make sure you use hot boiling water.

  9. Cool completely before cutting. Wrap cake in cling film and keep in air tight container. It keeps well in refrigerator and freezer.

Recipe by Pinkblanket's Tiny Kitchen

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